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Business Planning Tips and FAQs

Find out how to write a business plan and access templates, sample business plans, market research information and statistics.

Why do you need a business plan?
A business plan is a valuable tool for every business owner, whether you are starting up, have been in business for years, or are ready to grow.

Writing your business plan
Know what elements are considered essential in any business plan and the key points that should be included in each section of your plan.

Sample business plans and templates
Find sample business plans, free templates, writing guides and interactive tools to help you develop a professional business plan.

Business planning FAQs
Find the answers to questions often asked about preparing a business plan.

Business continuity planning
Is your business ready to handle emergencies? Find out how to prepare and implement a business continuity plan.

Succession planning
Find the right strategy for selling your business or handing it over to someone else.

Market research and statistics
Learn more about market research, how to conduct it, and where to find free information and statistics to support your market research project.

Start and grow a social enterprise
Are you ready to start a business to further your non-profit organization’s mission or generate income to support its sustainability? Find resources to help you manage and grow.

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